Are You Looking For A Personal Bankruptcy Attorney In Prattville, Alabama?

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Are You Looking For A Personal Bankruptcy Attorney In Prattville, Alabama?

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Unpaid bills accumulating can send anyone in a tizzy. The creditors continue to harass you all the time because of your debts. The inability to pay your financial obligations can cause a huge strain on your personal life too, along with your kids’ school life in jeopardy. Do not cave in as you might end up losing everything worthwhile in your life. All you need is the assistance of professional personal bankruptcy lawyers in Prattville, Alabama.

Investigate insolvency lawyers in Prattville, Alabama to find a specialist

Hiring local County lawyers who specialize in debt consolidation and personal bankruptcy with a recognized background of representing bankruptcy clients successfully is recommended in this case. Asking your Contacts if they have ever hired a bankruptcy lawyer would be a great idea. Let them know if you are facing repossession or foreclosure. You can check the background, client recommendations, and reviews online before approaching them. irrespective of how great your DUI lawyer was, they cannot help you in your bankruptcy case. However, they could definitely recommend an experienced bankruptcy attorney to you. You could also look up the US Bar Association list for Prattville, Alabama lawyer listing as per ZIP codes to find a bankruptcy lawyer near you.

Different bankruptcy chapters

Personal bankruptcy can be filed under Chapter 7 or chapter 13. Chapter 7 is also known as liquidation bankruptcy as your non-exempt property is liquidated to repay your creditors; you do not have to pay any money back. Chapter 13 also known as the wage earners plan which involves paying back your debts through a repayment plan based on your disposable income. You can get to know more about these chapters when you meet lawyers during the discovery meeting.

Cost of filing bankruptcy in Prattville, Alabama

Different law firms charge different fees for filing bankruptcy cases on your behalf. The charges depend on the chapter of bankruptcy you file in, the complexity of your case, the County state, and court you file in, etc. It is therefore important to get as many quotes as possible from the different law firms you have shortlisted. Apart from the lawyer’s fee, you also need to pay for the court and counselling charges. On an average, a chapter 13 bankruptcy might cost you around $2000 lawyer’s fees.

What to expect during a preliminary hearing?

Now that you know which lawyers you can afford; it is time to meet them in person to finalize one who will represent you. The initial preliminary hearing is generally free of cost; therefore, you should make the most use of it. Having a list of concerns that you want to be addressed should help you in this meeting. Apart from professionalism, you also need the lawyer to be friendly and delicate to your condition. They should be willing to put your mind at ease, by explaining the entire bankruptcy process in a manner that makes you comfortable about the procedure.

Find out more about the support staff, paralegal, and associates as they might be handling your case in the absence of the lawyer. Their proficiency in bankruptcy laws and knowledge about your case is important. Do not be railroaded into hiring them unless you are completely satisfied with the discovery meeting. If you are satisfied with the preliminary meeting and the background checks turn out fine, you can go ahead and hire them, else continue on your quest to find a bankruptcy attorney for yourself.

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