341 Hearing: What to Expect?

  • 341 Hearing

341 Hearing: What to Expect?

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341 Hearing is a Meeting of Creditors that takes place around 30-45 days from your filing of bankruptcy papers. Irrespective of which chapter of bankruptcy you have filed under, you are expected to make an appearance in the 341 Hearing with your lawyer. The bankruptcy trustee puts you under oath and asks questions related to your bankruptcy petition as well as the documents you provided along with it. Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm https://recoverylawgroup.com/ confirm that many bankruptcy filers are worried about the implication of this 341 Hearing. They would like to be better prepared to face whatever is in store for them. To help concerned bankruptcy filers, here are a few questions that you can expect during the 341 Hearing:

1. You will be asked your full legal name, your current and/or your mailing address once you have been sworn under oath by the trustee.
2. You will be asked for a picture ID card and social security card for review.
3. You will be asked about the bankruptcy petition, statements, schedules and other documents your attorney had prepared and you had signed.
4. Whether you are aware of all the information mentioned by your attorney in the bankruptcy petition and if it is correct to the best of your knowledge and would you like to correct any mistakes or oversights in the same.
5. Have all your assets and creditors listed in your bankruptcy petition?
6. Have you previously ever filed for bankruptcy?
7. Whether you are employed and if so, the address of your employer.
8. Whether you provided the true copy of your latest tax return.
9. Are you required to pay any child support or alimony and to whom?
10. Whether you have read the Bankruptcy Information Sheet prepared by the U.S. Trustee?
11. Do you have any real estate property?
12. Does anyone else hold a property owned by you? if yes, then who and what property.
13. Are you expecting to file any court action suit against any individual or business?
14. Are you involved in any legal proceedings? If yes, provide details of the same.
15. Did you make any transfer of property or gave away any in the last year?
16. Do you own vehicles? Provide details of the same. is there any due remaining on them? are they insured?
17. Are you expected to receive any property, cash or any other asset due to any proceeding (divorce, separation, etc.)?

Though you might find these questions intimidating, they are quite simple and pertaining to the information you have supplied along with bankruptcy papers. Working this stuff with your attorney will give you the confidence of handling these questions like a pro. If you are contemplating bankruptcy, consult experienced bankruptcy attorneys at 888-297-6023. They will help you prepare for your 341 Hearing.