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Is it Possible to Get Credit Card after Bankruptcy?

One of the ill effects of filing for bankruptcy is that it becomes public record and appears on your credit report. This makes it difficult for people who have recently got bankruptcy discharged to get any credit. According to Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, this is a major concern for most people. Though you might get credit, it will be at terms which will be outrightly ridiculous like high-interest rate, larger down payments (in case of a mortgage), etc. Unfortunately, you might have to wait for some time to qualify for a new credit card [...]


A Guide to Private Student Loan Discharge in Bankruptcy

Changes are being made in the bankruptcy laws. While earlier, private student loans were treated in a manner different from federal ones, it is no longer true now. Before 2005, private student loans were treated as unsecured debts and were discharged at the end of the bankruptcy, unlike federal student loans, which required one to show undue hardship to get them discharged. In 2005, Congress made amendments due to which private student loans were to be treated similar to federal student loans. Due to this development, discharge of student loan (with few exceptions) can take place only on [...]