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How to Fight the Social Stigma Attached With Bankruptcy?

Call: 888-297-6203 Despite the best efforts of people to bring in the positive sides of bankruptcy, the social stigma attached to it almost always overpowers. Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group has seen various victims of this social stigma who have been struggling with the huge mound of debt but chose not to file for bankruptcy because of its effects on their life. There is no denying that there are disadvantages associated with bankruptcy, however, its pros often outweigh the cons. Many people are constantly struggling to pay their bills and lead a normal, debt-free life. [...]


Should You File For Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

A person who is struggling with financial issues often wants to save as much money as possible. Even if that means filing for bankruptcy without a lawyer. Unfortunately, filing for bankruptcy is more than just filling a few forms and filing them in the court. Though people can file for bankruptcy without a lawyer (pro se), it is generally not advisable. Data available for bankruptcy discharge with and without a lawyer will justify why it is advised to hire a lawyer when filing for bankruptcy. As per statistics available, only 0.4% of pro se Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers [...]


Should You File For Bankruptcy Just After Losing Your Job?

People who have seen a significant change in their income due to a sudden surge in expenses or dip in earnings due to loss of job, often wonder if they should consider bankruptcy as a way out of the financial mess they are in. since conditions do not allow them to make payments against any obligations they have, this is a thought worth your penny. Though you might find it compelling to file for bankruptcy just after losing your job, it’s important that you deeply analyze your situation and come up with the best possible solution to your [...]


Rebuilding Credit is Easy with These Steps

Though traumatic, filing for bankruptcy is an essential decision taken by people to get rid of dues which they don’t have means to pay off. Bankruptcy is of great assistance to people who have had continuous bad luck, which resulted in financial losses. Once the bankruptcy proceedings are over, bankruptcy filers get a fresh start with a clean financial slate. With some easy to follow steps, they can rebuild their credit score to live life comfortably. Here are some tips by lawyers of Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group to help rebuild your credit: […]


Is There a Difference Between Bankruptcy & Debt Settlement?

A stroke of misfortune or sheer bad luck with monetary investments may result in severe financial problems for people. If you too are struggling through insoluble debts, you are faced with 2 choices as per Sacramento based law firm Recovery Law Group - filing for bankruptcy or opting for debt settlement. However, to become financially stable again, you need to choose between the 2 options available to you. Though many people are aware of bankruptcy, not much is known about debt settlement. It is important for debtors to understand the difference between the two, for them to choose [...]


Are Bankruptcy Records Open for All?

Going through a really bad financial crisis can be really traumatic for people. However, bankruptcy laws are designed to help individuals and companies out of the financial mess, so that they can begin their new lives with a financially clean slate. Automatic stays and discharge of debts are a great help to individual consumers who have filed for bankruptcy under chapter 7 or chapter 13. However, despite various benefits like foreclosure defense, debt relief, and financial stability, there are many concerns amongst people regarding their future. Bankruptcy lawyers of Recovery Law Group , a Sacramento based law firm [...]


Why Should You Always Consider An Attorney While Filing For Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13, a.k.a. ‘wage earner’s plan’ in the United States of Bankruptcy Code allows defaulters to propose a payment plan that would further enable them to give off their debts and also not sell any of their properties. Filing for Chapter 13 is one of the biggest financial decisions that further associate certain obligations and advantages. Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers are the only ones to find you a seamless way out of the situation. They first evaluate if you’re an eligible applicant to then help you avoid complications such as delays. One totally has the right to do [...]